THe new Book

By EvELinE GeraerTS


Discover the secretS…

Of our PaSt &  FutuRe

Ertanamouis unveils the secrets that have been buried for millennia. As you turn each page, you’ll gain insight into the mysteries of the universe, the prophetic visions of Earth’s future, and the unparalleled evolution that awaits our planet.

Join ErtanAmouiS

on this extraordinary adventure.

across time, space, and possibility.

Ertanamouis offers a unique perspective on a world long lost to time. Through this magical portal, you’ll unearth the untold truths of our planet’s past, the cosmic connections that have shaped our history, and the unprecedented shift that Earth and its inhabitants are poised to undergo.

The ErtanAmouiS ConnectioN

Written through the extraordinary channeling abilities of EveLine Geraerts.

A mysterious lava rock lead the renowned channeler on a journey over 12,000 years in the past, to discover a boy who showed her things beyond imagination. 

But it was his prophecies of our future that foretold a narrative of extraordinary importance, not to be ignored.

Unearth the Secrets of Ertanamouis: 

Revelations of

Our Past and Future


Embark on a journey through millennia, as a boy from ancient Mexico beckons you to join him in exploring the boundless realms of knowledge and discovery.